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Train Your Mind.

Your brain is your most powerful tool.

Why not get it working for you instead of against you?

I can teach you how to reduce and manage stress and anxiety in a one to one session.

Join our group workshop or we can come to you as a workplace seminar.

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There is an abundance of research supporting the healing properties of sound, By consciousness altering the brain with audible sound we can encourage a non invasive pain relief option

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This extensive program is a self help technique to empower you to cope, grow and understand yourself and life better

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Consultations & Group Programs

As a one-to-one consultant for you I always provide a professional supported space for your emotional growth, well-being and healing. As a therapist my natural ability to tap into the heart of the matter intuitively, to assess and analyse logically gets things moving fast. I offer education and strategies so whomever I am working with gets an inner understanding and an outer shift that creates a true sense of peace.  My programs have been proven effective by  recipients satisfaction and returning for more learnings.

Pain Management through sound


What My Clients Are Saying.

Remy | Currumbin, QLD

"Thank you so much for all your help the past few weeks. Your sessions have been amazing; you have taught me so much in such a short amount of time. I find myself becoming more positive each day whilst using your techniques I can already notice a huge difference in my day to day life. You are truly inspirational; I cannot wait for the weeks ahead.  Many thanks"

Hypnotheapy Gold Coast

Brownyn | QLD

"Andrea is a caring, amazing lady who is fantastic at what she does! After my first hypnotherapy session with her I could already feel the emotional stresses and fears that I had been dealing with vanishing. 

I cannot recommend Andrea enough if you want your life changed for the better!"

Book Your Consultation With Andrea Today.

Therapy for Anxiety Gold Coast

Andrea with best seller ' The Brain That Changes Itself ' 

Physician, Psychiatrist, Author Norman Doidge

What Makes

Andrea Different?

Andrea treats every client as an individual, intuitively and professionally. All sessions are completely confidential, and all issues are dealt with from a holistic perspective, ensuring you get to explore your mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing from a more complete perspective. This all assists in overcoming challenges and/or issues to bring peace, success and happiness.

Complete Confidentiality

Holistic Approach

Highly Experienced

Personal Service

Pain Management

Learn to use sound to manage pain.

A holistic NON invasive approach to relief from chromic or phantom pain

Intentional Living Strategies

Learn to focus your energy into creating a more positive mindset and understand how to live in peace within yourself. 

Manage Stress And Anxiety

Recognising stress early and becoming mindful of it will help us manage both the mental and physical symptoms. 



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