Facilitator for change

I have been immersed in the practice of health and well-being for the last 20 years. Not only the health and well-being of myself personally, but also as a practitioner and educator. ​Transforming many, many 100's of lives over the last two decades has been a privilege and pleasure. In the last 10 years I have been under the umbrella of Authentic Self. Creating experiences that bring individuals to betterment via Hypnosis and Workshops. Mind Set Success is now a new home for my work as hypnotherapist, mindset consultant and educator. I can assist you in making the changes you desire in your life easily, effectively and permanently whilst  imparting valuable, effective, powerful knowledge and support.

I'm A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree, have a

Certificate ll in Youth Mentoring, I have completed  basic counselling training, obtained a TAE certificate IV (qualified trainer) and am a “walk the talk” individual who practices what I preach.  I developed TRANSTAPPING to empower individuals to  do it for them-self anywhere anytime.

Experienced Mentor And Motivator

​As a graduate of the Academy of Insight and Behavioural Science, with many years of mentoring, educating, performing hypnotherapy and motivational facilitation, I can offer you experience and insight like no other. ​Having worked in the Department  Of  Community Services (DOCS) -  Youth Justice Conferencing, I  feel I have an understanding of complex issues, community needs  and a sound knowledge of referral services.

Every Client is Treated as an Individual

I treat every client as an individual, intuitively and professionally. All sessions are completely confidential, and all issues are dealt with an holistic perspective. Ensuring you get to explore your mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing from a more complete perspective. This all assists in overcoming challenges and/or issues to bring peace, success and happiness.

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More about ....

The development vehicles in my various workshops include valid cognition training, drama scenario expression, self-hypnosis, personal expression, comfort talk, vocal expression and even music therapy if appropriate. I am an advanced teacher, public speaker, and as an educator have presented at numerous staff meetings, seminars, symposiums, festivals and conferences.

My artistic side led me to local radio and had my own show on the Tweed Coast NSW. I have written, produced, and directed plays, have worked on stage as an actress, MC, comedian and singer.  For the last 15 years I have been running an all-woman choir on the Gold Coast called Sing Sisters and have been a singer/songwriter in various styles with 3 CD's to my name : Official music website

As I reflect on my journey to date, I recognise some life lessons have been harsh, some more gentle. I have broken many myths associated with illness, poverty, abuse, relationship difficulties and anxiety. My biggest takeaway to date is " The more I have the more I have to give". Hence why I am now in a position to be totally available to those who can use my services.