Emotional intelligence to control temper

Anger is an emotion. Everyone feels angry at some time. You may not be able to change the person or situation that makes you angry, however, you can change how you respond to anger.  The goal of anger management is to learn to control and express anger in a positive and effective way without causing emotional or physical harm to others.


We cover :​

Week 1

  • Stress and how it effects you

  • Processing feelings

 Week 4  

  • Recap past weeks

  •  “The Brain”

Week 2

  • Understanding Anger / Identify Anger Triggers

  • What is anger? 

  • Anger, hostility, bitterness and aggression

 Week 3

  • Anger Management Techniques 

  • De activating Anger

  • Stop Anger.

Week 5  

  • Change  

  • Planning

  • Commitment and seeing it through

Week 6  

  • Goal Setting 

The course runs over a period of 6 or 8 weeks. It can be delivered to a group (6 weeks) or to an individual as a one to one session. The one to one sessions will be tailored specifically as an identified program (8 weeks)    RRP $760   

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