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Dr Kate Shapland  (MBBS) (Fracgp)

EFT  (Emotional Freedom technique)

Kate has been a GP for the last 25 yearsand has a deep commitment to aiding

people to gain their maximum health. She has found that adding complimentary

therapies to mainstream medical thechniques often has more profound and

long lasting results.She is particularly interested in any

techniques that empower each person to heal themselves, as she has a strong belief

that we all know our bodies better that we think, as we can 'give our power away' to

'specialists' when we could be part of our own healing journey.

EFT has been a great tool as it is easy to learn, and can be done at home whenever

a stressful event occurs. It is a tool that can be used for physical or emotional symptoms,

and you may see it described as 'emotional acupuncure'. Whether you are familiar with this

technique, or it is a new phenomenon for you, Kate is looking forward to 'shifitng some

of that old stuff', and helping you move forward to a more peaceful you. Read More

Maureen Daniels   (Dip. App. Sci)  ( B.N.Psych major) ( B.Ed. Counselling)

Therapy intergration

I’m a retired Psychologist assisting people to bring

about healthy changes to their life.

I have had 25 years as a mental health practitioner both in

private psychiatric settings and in private practice.

I really enjoy the interaction, and feel honoured and privileged to

accompany people on their journey so am continuing to utilise my skills. 

I am working in collaboration with Andrea as we both share

a holistic approach to personal development.

Martine Piveteau  B.A., Dip.Ed, Diploma of Counselling Masters of Clinical Hypnosis, EMDR L3


Martine is a multi-lingual counsellor and a life coach. She brings 10 years of extensive experience in counselling and a kaleidoscope of modalities to help break through emotional or psychological distress and concerns.

She has been providing therapy in West Burleigh for 10 years, helping clients to naturally resolve issues ranging from weight gain,smoking, self esteem to pain management and anxiety. She has tailored an efficient “Kick Start Weight Control” program and collaborates with Monica, a nutritionist. She also offers a comprehensive Stop Smoking program.

Martine has a keen interest in Trauma resolution, she has obtained qualifications in EMDR, a psychotherapy treatment originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories.

Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping clients experience positive transformations and achieve their goals.She is a member of the International Association of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (A.I.H.C.E) Madrid, Spain and a member of IICT, Australia


Diploma of Professional Counselling

EMDR Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

Masters of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy – Ericksonian Hypnosis, A.I.H.C.E

Yoga and Meditation Teaching Certification

Certificate IV in Telephone Counselling 

B.A and Diploma in Education

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