Intentional Living Strategies 


This course is for individuals wanting support, direction, motivation and solutions to life's challenges.

We show you how to Get it

These sessions focus on SPECIFIC Strategies developed to enhance living.

You can attend the work shops as a full course or you can choose one module, or more,  to attend. 

They are offered as  workshop, seminar or as the 3 day retreat in October 2019.

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Your Trainer

Facilitated by an experienced and insightful teacher, therapist and mindset consultant. She leads you to an inner self understanding which grows the mind, body and spirit. Read About Her


  • Change thinking patterns   

  • Alter negative behaviours    

  • Find a clear direction    

  • Stay focused    

  • Balance your life

  • Experience Joy

Topics Covered to help you grow

Session 1)  Life, Living and the everyday - Why we do what we do

Session 2)  Stress, anxiety and negativity - How to get rid of it 

Session 3)  Values, Beliefs and Perception - How we think

Session 4)  The Mind – How it works - Get it working for you

Session 5)  Personal Goal Setting - Achievement and Success

Our  weekly sessions offer a gentle, encouraging and safe environment. 

Positive, healthy self-esteem is desirable in life and can assist in balancing mood, opening up communicating with others, and empowering oneself to take on challenges.   

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