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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Help! Who needs Help? Not me!

It seems we can balk at getting assistance when we know it will probably help. Why?

"I can do it and don't need help" is uttered under people's breath everyday ...but is it a statement of benefit? This attitude of defiance, resistance and avoidance can simply stand between you, growth and success.

Many people find the hardest part of moving forward is getting the subconscious negative self-talk out of the way. By 'negative self-talk' we could be saying : *I don’t need anyone, *It’s just how I am, *They won’t pick me, *That’s too good for me *If you want to do something do it yourself,*It’s not safe, *That’s mine and only mine, just to name a few.

This is where it is imperative to get assistance, a mentor - Help. Who else is going to bring to your attention to your thoughts you don't even recognize as being unhelpful or negative?

Help is not a dirty word. It doesn't mean you are weak, stupid, unable, incompetent, inept, unskilled, inexpert, unprofessional, lacking ability, bungling, blundering, clumsy, not proficient, inadequate, substandard, inferior, ineffective, deficient, inefficient, and ineffectual.

It means you are 'SMART'




Ready to make it happen


Look at all the successful entrepreneurs. In that world, they always seek others for advice, assistance and help. That's how they keep growing bigger and better.

So, in conclusion, the first step to moving forward is getting negative self-talk out of your world by seeking an experienced coach, mentor, guide, teacher or adviser. You can even ask friends, coworkers, and the local shop owner, how they cope, grow and expand. Start reaching out to bring in success.

The next step to growth is replacing that negative with positive self-talk and beliefs. But that's another story for another day and where that trained professional comes in again!

Reach out to let in. :)

Andrea Szabo is a Mindset Consultant / Clinical Hypnotherapist / Speaker / Workshop facilitator / Principal at Mind Set Success 4 U :


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