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Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Having a helpful MIND SET is what leads to success.

Being able to identify - to Stop and Drop - can be easier than you think

In a world of change, challenge and chance I was having to adjust constantly. I felt like my head was about to explode. I learned that to still the busyness that constantly filled my head and my life. I needed to Stop and Drop.

I don’t know about you but when I’m stressed, I am a horror. I didn’t even recognise the symptoms half the time. I remember doing an Expo many years ago: I was 25 years old when the resident photographer who had been working on the same jobs as I had over the years, and was 10 years my senior, said: -

“Andrea, do you realise how stressed you are?”

“No, I’m not,” I said defensively.

Well, I am noticing it more and more each time I see you.”

I looked at him, then hurriedly proceeded to step out of the elevator. I hurried to get back to the business I had recently started and I remember thinking to myself, “What a load of crock, I’m just doing what I have to do!”

If only I had listened to him all those years ago! I may have avoided nearly dying and ending up in hospital with brain surgery…. but that’s a story for another time. ☹ And that’s why I developed a stress reduction course so that others won’t suffer as I had.

This article, hopefully, will give you some pointers on how NOT to end up broken, sick and unhealthy. Nothing is worth sacrificing your health, family, job and ultimately - happiness.


Can you relate?

Common effects of stress on your

· Headache

· Muscle tension or pain

· Chest pain

· Fatigue

· Change in sex drive

· Stomach upset

· High blood pressure

· Sleep problems

· Lowers the immune system

· Heart palpitations

· Ulcers

· Irregular shallow breathing

· Arteries build up plaque that restrict blood flow

· Brain shuts down

· Abdominal weight

· Can affect pregnant woman (fetal stress can last a lifetime)

Common effects of stress on your mood

· Anxiety

· Panic

· Restlessness

· Lack of motivation or focus

· Feeling overwhelmed

· Irritability or anger

· Sadness or depression

· Memory Loss

· Short Fuse

· Snappy

· Grumpy

· Abrupt

Common effects of stress on your behaviour

· Overeating or undereating

· Angry outbursts

· Drug, gambling or alcohol abuse

· Tobacco use

· Social withdrawal

· Exercising less often or way more

If you can identify with this list in any way, and if you admit it, you are Stressed.


There is always a reason why you are stressed:


Money - making it, having it or lacking it

Relationships – finding one, being in one or lacking one

Things – getting them, having them or lacking them

Time – to much or not enough

Status – striving for it, having it or lacking it

Control – striving for it, having it or lacking it

Approval – wanting it, having it, withholding it

Social Media compulsion - Engaging, not engaging, needing to see what others are doing, not doing, saying or not saying, did you get a like, did you give a like...

This list is by no means conclusive.


Over achiever – needing to get more, be the best, stay on top

Addict – compulsively needing

Fearful person – feeling unsafe

Chemical imbalance – due to poor diet, grief, depression

Perfectionists or control freak – must be right, must be done my way

Low self-esteem – I’m not deserving, I’m not good enough

The list of emotional states and personality traits is by no means this limited.


Stop and Drop

Stop and Drop is a term used at Mind Set Success when we put everything on hold while we drop into the moment. This provides relief and great emotional, physical and psychological benefit. In our Intentional Living Strategies Course, we learn how to do this extensively but for now I will explain why we don’t just naturally and easily find balance in stopping.

It’s like this: If ANY of the ‘External ‘or ‘Internal’ Stress Reasons are playing out there is NOT going to be a right time, natural time or easy time to stop… Look at the lists above again… Make Sense? Our background pre-occupations are always running - even when we are doing things, tasks and activities. These background thoughts are behind the external and internal actions at play. In fact, they control us. If you would like to know more, learn more, and experience the changes you need to see in your life visit our website and book an appointment.

Make you a priority.

Mind Set Success can be achieved with us as a one to one session with Andrea, part of an organised group session :- Next Session. Andrea can even come to your workplace.

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