The Mind

Your mind is your most powerful tool.

Let's get it working for you instead of against you


USE your Mind to Change your Mind

Transtapping is a helpful  self administered technique that you can use anywhere anytime.

It is a developed strategy that combines

self-hypnosis and EFT 

to give you a way of moving

from discomfort to ease.

Physically, Emotionally and at a deep personal level.

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Stress / Anxiety / Panic

I can teach you how to reduce and manage stress and anxiety in a one to one session. Join our group workshop or we can come to you as a workplace seminar, click the link below and find out more.

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Your staff may need assistance. I work one to one or with a group implimenting my Employee Assist Program. This work-based intervention activity is designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of employees. Resulting in better productivity and a happier workplace dynamic. Anger Management, Communication, Stress Management,Team Building or basic General support.

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Bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals and moving forward. Hypnotherapy is designed to assist with behavioural change and is a one to one service.


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Helping you to cope with feelings, problem solve and change behavior patterns that may contribute to your unrest, lack of sleep or negative mindset. Feel free to send me a plain old text message with a note that says, “I have some important things on my mind and need to make time to talk to you about them.” Book online or call direct.

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Front Line Mentoring

My Front-Line Mentoring is helpful after stressful events that rock your world. As mentor/coach, I can assist with direction, comfort talk, practical tools, strategies all to bring you back to balance at the time.

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Life can be difficult to navigate.

This 5 module course is a platform to explore and understand what is holding you back from Joy, Abundance and Success. It will give you tools to use that will advance your growth and bring about peace and understanding of self and others. Our Intentional Living Strategies Program is for everyone 18 years +.

One to one or  group sessions.

You may like to attend just one module,

 more or do the complete course.. 

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