Stress and Anxiety Management

We offer a great program using techniques aimed at improving a person's ability to manage levels of stress, especially chronic stress.The purpose is to improve everyday functioning at the workplace, in society and at home. 

One to One 

Option 1 - One to One sessions    Click Here

In a Group

Option 2 - In a group

Join our gentle, safe and easy session 

  • Develop personal awareness of stress 

  • What makes you have anxiety and panic?

  • Recognize signs and sources of stress

  •  What are the signs?

  • Acknowledge stress and difficult situations

  •  What to do

  • Manage a panic attack

  •  How to cope

  • Maintain work /life / family balance

  •  Strategies to bring balance

  • Give high priority to health and well-being

  • Why you don't?

  • Develop stress management techniques

  • Effective tools, tips and tricks


This is an interactive powerpoint presentation

where you will learn how to master the easy 


TRANSTAPPING - is a technique developed using self hypnosis and EFT 

Next public group seminar -  Sunday   1st November

EARLY BIRD Special  - $45.50  per person   (LIMITED NUMBERS) 

10.00am -1 pm      REGISTER HERE

If you suffer stress and anxiety coming to a class might be difficult. REST ASSURE our facilitator is mindful

of the fact you may be nervous to attend and has designed the workshop to be

comfortable, easy and very user friendly.    See More

At your workplace

Option 3 - Workplace training

 4 hours in total -  EMPLOYEE ASSIST - up to 10 Participants

Week 1 -  1 Hours


  • ​Understand what stress really is

  • Recognize signs and sources of stress 

  • Acknowledge stress and difficult situations 

  • Analyse and understand potential areas of stress in the work environment

Week 2 -  1 Hours

  • Maintain work/life balance

  • Identify work/life priorities

  • Adopt strategies to support work/life priorities

  • Develop the ability to effectively leave work behind at the end of the day  

  • Leave your daily life at the work door when staring for the day

Week 3 -  1 Hours

  • Develop an effective understanding of a range of stress management techniques 

  • Use appropriate techniques effectively to manage stressful situations

  • Focus on areas of stress within personal control

  • Manage time

Week 4 -  1 Hours

  • Develop and understand job role priorities

  • Regularly evaluate tools and techniques

  • Promptly identify and inform relevant personnel of any variations and difficulties affecting work

  • Recover from a stressful contact

 $195 pp  basic price of up to and limited to 10 participants  (travel fees may apply outside of Gold Coast)  If Interstate we can deliver as a 1/2 day workshop


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