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If you're the type of person who has recognised you need to overcome stress, anxiety, panic attacks then now is your chance. It's not some get better quick scheme and it's not a therapy meeting...Online course is to empower you and give you strategies and relief.

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 Develop personal awareness of stress

Clear Confusion

Recognize signs and sources of stress

To get rid of that uncomfortable feeling

Acknowledge stress and difficult situations

Because being in denial isn't helping

Manage a panic attack

Relpacing desperation with peace

Maintain work / life / family balance

Finding ease and joy

 Give higher priority to health and well-being

Body and mind relief

 Develop stress management technique

Being empowered means strength 

 Reduce Stress

Cause you deserve a happy, stress free life

Your Coach

Andrea Szabo Mind Set Success_edited.png
Andrea Mind Set Success

"You know, the majority of people focus on overcoming the

symptoms of their problems, but they never realise it's the

cause of these symptoms that needs to be addressed,

otherwise it will always be there in the background,

ready to effect you at any moment" - Andrea Szabo

Andrea Szabo

Founder of Mind Set Success

Andrea's workshops have been presented to thousands of participants over the last two decades. If you want to be full of insight and ready to see stress, anxiety and panic leave.  Join us for this online course More about Andrea.


Trisha Farnon Singer/Songwriter - Australia Conference Sydney 2009

Dear Andrea,  Its been playing on my mind and I’ve been wanting to say a big thank you as you have no idea what your words of wisdom had helped me at the conference, not sure if you remember but .... I opened up about some personal anxieties and low self esteem which I had questioned a lot in my life and never really had the opportunity to really open up. It was a real blessing to hear what you had to say then and in the seminar because to this day it has influenced me to keep going forward and to be more confident and come out of my shell more, God bless you and thank you for all your help at the conference and your wonderful feedback you are a GEM. Have a fantastic day. 

Available For All Men & Women 18+ Years Old.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety asking for assitance  may be difficult. We are mindful of this so have designed this ONLINE course  to be right for you

What you learn

✅  What makes you have anxiety and panic?

✅ Why you don't cope?

✅  What are the signs?


✅  What to do


✅  How to cope


✅ Strategies to bring balance   -  We offer many tips/tricks and tools including : Transtapping and Mind Set Management


If you think, you or someone you care about may be suffering from dangerous Stress and Anxiety levels, we recommend that you can seek help. We have compiled a list of resources where you may be able to find this additional help   - HERE 







This ONLINE course runs for 3 weeks and each session is for one hour - Zoom is Live and interactive

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