What Our Clients Say



" Andrea has shown me how to create what I need to manage my life. I now have minimal stress and can tackle all that life throws at me"           

Katherine-  Stress/Anxiety/Panic  2019

"Thank you for this morning. I always look forward to coming and walk away feeling a little more empowered and focused."             

Del - Intentional Living Strategies Course  2019

I love your work you're such a gifted facilitator and make the sessions so enjoyable for everyone.  It's quite a gift and I love the way you bring everyone together.  Many thanks and warmest regards.  -  Barb  2019

"Thank you so very much for your really inspirational workshop and valuable insights into the relationship between music and psychology. I personally gained so very much from your workshop and incredible positive energy Andrea ☺ Thank you so very much!" 

Tiffany - Australian Songwriters Conference Sydney

" All I can say is that was so easy to follow and keep up with. It all made sense. I really want my brother and mother to do this course"

Lisa - Intentional Living Strategies 2016 -  QLD

"Thank you so much for all your help the past few weeks. Your sessions have been amazing; you have taught me so much in such a short amount of time. I find myself becoming more positive each day whilst using your techniques I can already notice a huge difference in my day to day life. You are truly inspirational; I cannot wait for the weeks ahead.  Many thanks"      Remy - 2015 - Currumbin QLD

" Words cannot express the wonderful work that you did for me this week and in fact what you have done and continue to do. I am feeling more grounded and more at peace than I have ever felt."     Jo - 2015 - Robina QLD

"My life  journeyfeels long as I had physical and mental health issues. It really changed after having a few hypnotherapy sessions with Andrea. After a while I really wanted be my authentic self, healthy and happy. I felt the depression lifting from my shoulders almost after my first session.  I am finally reclaiming who I was before being a mum and Oma. Since therapy with Andrea I’ve been dancing , walking long distances and am grateful for so much of life. I am discovering adventures with my grand babies and my daughter. My husband sees the woman he first loved. He sees me laughing and so much healthier and happier than he'd remembered. Finally I’ve made my way back to singing.  One day I may even play musical instruments again. For now I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without having met Andrea. Thanks for helping me get my happy self back."   Dina Knowels - 2017 QLD

"After 7 years of trying to conquer my daughters bedwetting, in desperation I googled Hypnotherapy and found that this may help to cure the problem. I was a bit sceptical as we had tried alarms, medications, bladder training programs, had scans and medical testing  - nothing had worked. I re googled and Andrea Szabos name came up first so I contacted her straight away! My daughter had her initial appointment and felt a lot more positive and there was an instant improvement. Two weeks later she had another session with Andrea and an even further improvement . It is now 8 weeks since my daughter had her first appointment and the bed has not been wet for a solid four weeks. It is amazing to see the difference in my daughter and the positive attitude towards her treatment. I cannot thank Andrea enough for helping my daughter through this time in her life. If you are reading this in desperation for a treatment for your child please call Andrea now, it will be the solution you have been looking for."      Melinda  2010 Coomera 

"Thanks Andrea for all your help over the years - I still use my colour chart that you helped me with for measuring those up, up ups and the down , down, downs and all the inbetweens..... I'm slowly getting a good support team here in Melbourne but nobody can match your insightfulness and support that you provided for me especially during some really challenging times" 

JoAnne  -  Coaching Jan 2020

"Out of ten day's so far I had nine excellent night's sleep - so your help has been of immense benefit and for that I give you many thanks."

Bobby - 2010 - Tweedheads NSW

"I've tried giving up cigarettes many times over the years....like they say:"Giving up smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times." Hypnosis has been the best method for me, removing cravings and irritability that I normally get. I am proud to call my self a non-smoker, and appreciate Andreas skill as a Hypnotist."   Mr  Western - 2010 - Tallebudgera QLD

"Andrea has such a good voice I really just went with it and now can see what she was doing.. I have stopped over eating."

Karla - 2011 - Southport

“... I have learned  more in two sessions with you, than when I did 2 months with a speech therapist”
Barbara Stratton -2009 - Administrator Bond Uni – Dysphonia condition.

    ....before the workshop I was living in such an unhealthy, dangerous place……. my actions were uncontrollable and nearly addictive…I didn't realize how bad it was until the workshop, not that any of this came up, but Andrea gave such good reference with that archetypes and that concept …that after the workshop, what was driving that compulsion, had been shifted…I know I can feel it and I am doing things differently now. "   Ms. Western - Law student @ Whole Woman Festival Workshops 2008

“...Hi Andrea, thanks so much for the previous Sunday and our sessions. I got a lot out of it ..... it was very powerful at the time and I am sure I shall use it where ever I go”   Jen 2008 (Midwife from Pottsville)

“Dear Andrea,  Its been playing on my mind and I’ve been wanting to say a big thank you as you have no idea what your words of wisdom had helped me at the conference, not sure if you remember but .... I opened up about some personal anxieties and low self esteem which I had questioned a lot in my life and never really had the opportunity to really open up. It was a real blessing to hear what you had to say then and in the seminar because to this day it has influenced me to keep going forward and to be more confident and come out of my shell more, God bless you and thank you for all your help at the conference and your wonderful feedback you are a GEM. Have a fantastic day. ”   Trisha Farnon Singer/Songwriter - Australian Songwriters Conference Sydney 2009

" I have participated in two workshops presented by Andrea Szabo of Authentic Self.  The workshops were conducted as an element of the Australian Songwriters Conference 2009 and 2010.   Andrea’s workshops were informative and contained productive strategies that could be easily implemented into daily routines.  The practical exercises were meaningful and extremely enjoyable.  Andrea’s preparation to the sessions was comprehensive.  It was obvious she had put thought and time into the content of the Power Point presentation and planned activities, as well as giving consideration to the arrangement of the physical environment and personal comfort of participants.    Andrea is an enthusiastic group presenter, respectful of the personality types and learning styles of individuals in the group.  She is extremely personable and approachable, her awareness is outstanding, and her work is honest. I recommend Andrea to you with enthusiasm  as a glowing example of a person practicing what she preaches. "    Kathy Prosser CEO Possum Music - Australian Songwriters Conference Sydney 2010

" Andrea Szabo’s delightful and inspiring Authentic Self workshop is a perfect fit for the Australian Songwriters Conference.  As an integral part of our annual event program, Andrea’s workshops are essential food for the creative mind and soul and her techniques are thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by ASC delegates and Faculty alike.  I have no hesitation in recommending Andrea’s workshops to anyone who is seeking to further enhance their physical, emotional, spiritual and creative well being. "  

Lisa Butler . Founder Coordinator. Australian Songwriters Conference

" It was the loveliest morning I've had in a long time.. I wish we could have more."   July 2011 Joy of Singing  participant Sylvia

"Its D W from your Wednesday class . I hope you don't mind me texting you i just want to let you know I'm really enjoying these classes and thank you I've learnt so much these last 2 weeks and looking forward to the coming weeks"   Text  Message Sept 2015

"This  really has helped today. I would have never have thought things like that"  I.S.    Connecting You Youth Program February 2016

"Was such a professional presentation, great that we all got to participate and interact."

"........lot's of laughs"

"really interesting and it did not drag out as some do"

"was great to finally identify my true goal and now know how to achieve it "

"I had revelations sort of and I liked it"

"........also the power point was colorful with some great photos,diagrams and pictures"

"I got practical tools. I love that

Andrea Szabo seminar speaker