Stress and Anxiety


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We offer a program using techniques aimed at improving a person's ability to manage levels of stress, especially chronic stress.

The purpose is to improve everyday functioning at the workplace, in society and at home.



Personal Education  - ONLINE

One to One -  

2 hours + total  - Specifically tailored to meet your personal experience 

  • Develop personal awareness of stress - What makes you have anxiety and panic?


  • Recognize signs and sources of stress - What are the signs?

  • Acknowledge stress and difficult situations - What to do

  • Manage a panic attack - How to cope

  • Maintain work /life / family balance - Strategies to bring balance

  • Give high priority to health and well-being - Why you don't?

  • Develop stress management techniques - Effective tools, tips and tricks  with Transtapping and Mind Set Management 

Cost  RRP $185.50  Private one to one 2 hour session

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Ebook on how to cope with stress