Stress and Anxiety Management

We offer a great program using techniques aimed at improving a person's ability to manage levels of stress, especially chronic stress.The purpose is to improve everyday functioning at the workplace, in society and at home. 

One to One 



  • Develop personal awareness of stress 

  • What makes you have anxiety and panic?

  • Recognize signs and sources of stress

  •  What are the signs?

  • Acknowledge stress and difficult situations

  •  What to do

  • Manage a panic attack

  •  How to cope

  • Maintain work /life / family balance

  •  Strategies to bring balance

  • Give high priority to health and well-being

  • Why you don't?

  • Develop stress management techniques

  • Effective tools, tips and tricks


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If you suffer stress and anxiety coming to a class might be difficult. REST ASSURE our facilitator is mindful

of the fact you may be nervous to attend and has designed the workshop to be

comfortable, easy and very user friendly.    See More

Unsure if you need to go online to do this course

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